François Gaudreau is a Canadian composer and aspiring film music composer.  He started learning composition by himself in 2018 as well as taking an online course one year later.  Since then, he has  participated in the first edition of the Rec Change Film Scoring Competition and the Score the World I and II contest.  He has released five singles (Conqueror, Piracy, Beauty of Love, Dawn and Rise of the Night) and an album (A Wonderful Journey).  He tries to diverse is music genre and story but his style still remains aimed for the media.  François has graduated from the music program of Cégep de Sherbrooke.  He is currently studying composition at Université de Sherbrooke.  He currently composes trailer music for Jolt Trailer Music and Frontier Trailer Music.  François enjoys playing the clarinet, the bass guitar, the piano and he is always willing to try and learn new instruments.