François Gaudreau is a Canadian composer that specializes in trailer music.  His music has been used in a TV spot for NCIS Sydney on CBS.  He has also composed the music for the opening scene of the movie Le gangster et le ministre on the french History channel.  He has composed music for many trailer music publishers such as Really Slow Motion, Giant Apes Music, Jolt Trailer Music, Frontier Trailer Music and Divergence Trailer Music.  He recently started composing for Octave Music Agency, a Montreal based production music company.

His music is characterized by his influences coming from film and trailer music, as well as other instrumental music.  His music can be categorized as cinematic music and can be described as being bigger than life and sensible.  His music stands out by incorporating a touch of minimalism and electronic elements while staying impactful.

François has recently released his second album Obliteration in 2024 and three singles named Operation Override, The Dance Is Over and Retrogradation.  He has also released many solo works such as Rebirth, a cinematic track for a multidisciplinary exhibition in Sherbrooke.

He has completed his college study in music at Cégep de Sherbrooke and a bachelor's degree in music composition at Université de Sherbrooke.